Welcome everyone, to my Tumblr page!

Purpose of Blog:

On this page I will discuss games, anime, and music. I post primarily anime related things, sometimes minor thoughts on a series, and may even do a review if I'm comfortable with it. I will also post pictures and reviews of my favorite games and advertise my favorite bands. Nonetheless I will try to keep things interesting and entertaining for you all as well as myself, as even I can have fun on my own blog.

A little bit about my self:

My real name is Trevor, I'm 21, and my screen name is Lagomaster24. I enjoy many genres of video games, anime, and music; from RPG's to RTS, drama to comedy, and hard rock to hardcore. I have a Twitter, a Facebook, and a YouTube channel. I use Facebook for personal reasons and YouTube for lets plays. I rarely use twitter except to keep up with other YouTube channels but I do post occasionally when I find interesting things to discuss.


I hope you enjoy my blog!
~ Lagomaster24


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